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Development and leadership

  • We are developing continuously and very quickly to maintain leadership in the field of wood industries, and we have many distinguished moments throughout our history, which we cannot overlook the importance of their role in defining our goals and excellence in our industry.

  • We believe that those short moments make our craft life more exciting to offer the best and the finest product.


Our products

  • Bedrooms, kids' bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, lounges and sofas (all shapes), dressing room and wooden products such as kitchens, bathroom units and televisions.



  • Our factory was established in 2014 and has developed into one of the largest factories in the Middle East. We have expert engineers who contribute their creative, technical and skillful capabilities to manufacture products with the highest accuracy and efficiency.

  • We have a passion and mission to revolutionize the furniture and kitchens industry and we aim to lead the market with these unique modern pieces. Prepare to be impressed!

Distinguished with

  • Using the best ‌wood and luxury ‌fabric ‌materials.

  • Speed in performance, accuracy in implementation and adherence to punctual delivery.‌

  • Unbeatable prices.

  • Implementation of the product according to the principles of the industry and in the way which satisfies the clients.

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